Download Major Havoc Level Editor

Major Havoc Level Editor

The Major Havoc Level Editor is a tool that allows you to create your own levels for Major Havoc. This is an ongoing project but in the end, the level editor will allow you to...

  1. Build Mazes and Maze Collections that you can save on your computer for continued editing on your computer.
  2. Play a single maze or multiple custom in real-time on your computer within HBMAME - version 0.207 or higher will support the mhavocpex driver.
  3. Save Mazes/Maze Collections into ROMs for dedicated games - requires you to modify your PCB to support 'The Promised End' - Details HERE

If you are curious for any reason, you can review the release history of the level editor or the entire project is available on GitHub if any of you developers out there care to contribute. :-)

Downloading and Installing...

Basic Maze Editing...

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