Build your own mazes...

Ever had an awesome idea for a maze layout or want to incorporate a new twist on an existing level? You can do this with the Major Havoc Level editor. Mazes can be rated by users and will be in consideration for inclusion of the 8 new levels of Major Havoc - The Promised End.

Getting started

Download the Major Havoc Level Editor (a Windows desktop application) to load/create mazes for Major Havoc. You can create single mazes for submission to this site and once Major Havoc - The Promised End is released, you can put your own mazes into the game and release ROM sets for others to use.

Submit your Mazes

Using the level editor, you can build full mazes and then using your login to this site, submit mazes via the level editor directly. Mazes submitted to this site may be used in the final release of Major Havoc - The Promised End which is slated to be released at California Extreme in July 2019.

View Gallery

Mazes that are uploaded to this site can be viewed in the Gallery. EXTRA BONUS! You can even download the mazes and play them in your own game if you want. Mazes uploaded can be modified using the Level Editor and tweaked.

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